Health Insurance in Mexico for Foreigners

Mexico is a great place for tourists to visit. It won’t be hard for you to talk to people in Mexico because many of them know English. The people who work in health care in the country also speak English well, so you can be sure you will be in good hands if you need medical help.

People who live outside of Mexico can get some of the best health insurance in the world if they read this post. Check to see how much health care costs in the country and which plans and insurance companies work well with newcomers and expats.

Medical Insurance for Expats in Mexico

Looking for the best health insurance in Mexico as a foreigner? One important thing to think about is whether you can get care in a public or private hospital, depending on the limits of your insurance. While any local insurance plan will cover urgent care, a global health insurance plan will not only promise immediate care but also give you the choice of getting it at the best treatment centres in Mexico.

Before you go to Mexico, you should know that some of the best private hospitals will be hard to get to or not available at all. A lot of people go to public hospitals, and Spanish is the main language spoken there. For treatments that aren’t emergencies, waiting times can be long. If you get local insurance (IMSS), some patients may get more attention than outsiders because of their membership level. Also, if you already have certain health problems, your coverage may be limited or not cover them at all.

Best Expat Health Insurance in Mexico

There are two main companies in Mexico that offer medical insurance that covers medical care anywhere in the world. The Cigna Global plan is best for all expats, and the GeoBlue Xplorer plan is best for U.S. citizens.

Cigna Global is a great choice for expats living in Mexico because they offer a variety of flexible plans that let you choose only the medical benefits that are important to you.

People from the United States who live in Mexico can get great insurance through the GeoBlue Xplorer plan, which lets them choose where to get medical care.

The Best Health Insurance in Mexico for Expats

The following Cigna Global health plan gives a large selection of plans, top-notch customer service, and a range of coverage choices to meet the needs of our clients who live and work in Mexico. For a number of reasons, Cigna Global’s medical insurance plan for Mexico is the best choice. People like the flexible plan design because it lets them pick which perks they want and not pay for services they don’t need.

Cigna Global works with more than 125 of the best medical centres, companies, and hospitals in Mexico to make sure they provide great service. Anyone from another country can apply, no matter what age they are.

The Best Health Insurance in Mexico for U.S. Citizens

Citizens of the United States may choose to get medical care in the United States instead of the other country because it is so close. Then the best thing to do is buy the GeoBlue Xplorer Global Medical Plan. This plan gives you medical treatment anywhere in the world as well as up to 9 months of medical benefits in the U.S. You can choose not to have U.S. coverage, though, if you’d rather get care in Mexico. This will save you up to 50% on your monthly payment.

The Cheapest Health Insurance Plan in Mexico

IMG Global Medical has a variety of low-cost insurance plans for people from other countries who live abroad. Their Bronze plan is the least expensive and mostly covers major medical care and emergencies. The Gold and Platinum plans from this company offer better service at reasonable prices.

The Cost of Health Insurance in Mexico

The average cost of a full health insurance plan for a visitor living in Mexico is $5,900 per year. The rates of most U.S. people are higher because they buy more coverage in the U.S.

If you don’t include service in the U.S., on the other hand, you can save about half the price of a good plan. In this case, the price for a Canadian would be $3,010 per year. It would be about $2,750 a year for people in Europe.

The Mexican government has different plans with different prices and limits on where you can get care. Read on to learn more.

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