Aftershocks can occur centuries after original earthquake, says study | Earthquakes

Large earthquakes are always followed by aftershocks – a series of smaller but still potentially damaging quakes produced as the ground readjusts. But how long does it take for the aftershocks to die out? A new study suggests some areas can experience aftershocks decades or even centuries after the original earthquake. In earthquake-prone areas it … Read more

Earth receives laser beam message from 10 million miles away

SpaceX will launch NASA’s Psyche spacecraft to a metallic asteroid by the same name later this year. NASA announced on Thursday that the agency successfully received data in the farthest-ever demonstration of laser, or optical, communications. Scientists say that NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment beamed a near-infrared laser encoded with test data from … Read more

4 more Ada County residents confirmed with Mpox

CDH said three out of the four had not recently traveled, and they are investigating to contact those they may have exposed. BOISE, Idaho — Four more Ada County residents were confirmed Tuesday to have contracted the mpox virus, according to the Central District Health Department (CDH) in Boise. CDH said three of the four … Read more